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Zheneng Jinjiang Environment Holding Company Limited (“Zheneng Jinjiang Environment” or the “Company”) is a forerunner and leading waste-to-energy operator in China’s waste-to-energy (“WTE”) industry. In 1998, Zheneng Jinjiang Environment constructed the first WTE facility in China to utilise differential-density circulating fluidised bed technology. The Company is the first WTE operator to develop and industrialise the differential-density circulating fluidised bed technology in China. The Company has an established track record in investment, construction, operations, and management.

On 3 August 2016, Zheneng Jinjiang Environment was successfully listed on the Mainboard of the Singapore Exchange, marking an important milestone for the Company. Zheneng Jinjiang Environment is the first WTE operator to list in Singapore and the first Chinese-funded enterprise to list since 2011.

As at 30 June 2019, Zheneng Jinjiang Environment operates 21 WTE facilities and 5 resource recycling projects in 13 provinces, autonomous regions and centrally-administered municipalities in China, with a total waste treatment capacity of almost 35000 tons/day. After the completion of all the projects under construction and preparation in the whole nation,  Southeast Asia, South Asia and South America, the total waste treatment capacity of Zheneng Jinjiang Environment will reach to 65,106 tons/day.

Zheneng Jinjiang Environment is ranking top in both municipal solid waste (MSW) treatment capacity and business distribution. The company is striving to be a promoter and leader in domesticalization of MSW incineration technology, an integrator of fluidized bed technology and grate furnace technology application as well as an excellent regulator in WTE plant operation. Currently, the company has extended its business scope to sludge, kitchen waste, and actively advocated an enterprise philosophy of technical innovation to build venous industrial park.