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Vision and Mission

The future develop goal is to extend volume growth by overseas expansion and open the way to new markets so as to promote the international popularity and consolidate the status as the leader of China WTE industry. The company plans to expand its business to other field besides WTE and strives to be the comprehensive waste energy service provider.

With the rapid development of living standard and urbanization, Jinjiang Environment intends to expand its exisiting garbage disposal capacity of WTE facilities. Taking the advantage of its wide regional coverage of WTE facility, Jinjiang Environment can maintain its leading position by branching out more businiesses organically or inorganically.

Aimed at the constantly changeable industrial trend and supervision requirements, Jinjiang Environment will keep focusing on technological transformation to improve the operating efficiency and reducing emissions of WTE facility. The company will use the European advanced technology like waste fuel, garbage drying, combining Waste incineration integration technology, to promote the pretreatment of municipal solid waste(MSW) facilities and enhance the operating efficiency.

Jinjiang Environemnt, as the leader of China WTE industry, pays a great attention to the efficient disposal of China’s garbage. The long-term goal of the company is to become a comprehensive garbage management service provider, offering a complete set of service in garbage recycle, transportation and pretreatment, to realize operational synergies. The company also plans to expend its waste disposal businiess into other fields like sludge treatment.

Jinjiang Environment intends to extend EMC business by seeking business opportunities with great customers in the metallurgical,chemical engineering and electric power industries. Meanwhile depending on our market status and great experience,it also intends to extend EMC business into WTE facilities run by the third party.

The international development of WTE buisness’s will be the next miletone of Jinjiang Environment. The company considers to expend its buisness first into Southeast Asia(like Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore) and other developing countries. Our long-term goal is to become a well-known waste energy management enterprise in the world.