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Environmental Protection

As a pioneer in the solid waste treatment adhere to the corporate mission of“Beautifying the Cities and Making the Environment more Natural”. We create synergies between the latest green technology and practices in the environmental protection industry to effectively reduce solid waste, utilise recycled waste and detoxify waste, thereby creating a cleaner and more natural environment for people.

  As an organisation in the environmental protection and new energy business, we are an avid advocate for consistent disclosure and transparency of environmental management information. Gas emission monitoring systems are installed at the Company’s waste incineration power generation facilities, and the operational and emissions monitoring data are publicly displayed at the entrance to the facilities. The local environmental protection departments also monitor the operations of the facilities through an online network. In December 2016, we have started to provide data for the environmental monitoring of the operating waste incineration power generation facilities on a daily basis. This information is made public via the Company’s official website.

In line with the green development concept, we have treated approximately 10.66 million tons of waste in 2020, generating approximately 3.08 billion kwh of green electricity, which can meet the electricity demand for 2.28 million households. This translates to savings of approximately 1.61 million tons of standard coal, reducing the emissions of approximately 3.78 million tons of carbon dioxide, and reducing the need for landfill by approximately 35,000 mu.