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Management Trainee Programme

Management Trainee– "Eagle Programme"

The "Jinjiang Environment Management Trainee – Eagle Programme" is a platform established by the company to groom its next generation of leaders. The platform puts together the best resources available from the company and offers senior business leaders and experts as mentors to promising new staff who demonstrate excellent potential for senior management roles.

Supported by a comprehensive system, in-depth training and guidance, members of the programme will build a solid foundation for a management career. 

Our management training system, open to middle managers and above, helps prepare them for senior management roles. The three years of training under the system grooms them into the company’s core of key talents. 

The management training covers various components, including learning about the business, site visits, customised training modules, team activities, etc. The trainees are groomed into the company’s eagles, high fliers poised to make an impact on China’s future environmental industry.

Pre-requisites for the ‘Eagle Programme:

1.Top-performing graduates or post-graduates, not limited by field of study; candidates for this program are selected from those who have recently joined the company

2.A solid professional background and a passion for the environmental industry

3.Strong practical experience and management experience preferred

4.Good communication skills and learning abilities and a good team player